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AirPlay Brokers secures your music position on charts like Billboard , CMJ, Digital Radio Tracker and in the hands of Record Label A&Rs. Double-click to start typing
AirPlay Brokers Get Discovered
AirPlay Brokers Get Discovered

Air Play Brokers


About Us

Wanna Get Heard? Wanna Get Charted ? Wanna Get Discovered? is your #1 AirPlay solution! Imagine receiving actual airplay your friends, family and fans can hear...

Airplay Brokers  is not only a submission service, we digitally deliver your next single directly to key Music Directors, Program Directors, RJs and DJs. Unlike other services that simply service your music, we GUARANTEE IT WILL ACTUALLY GET PLAYED and actually get your BDS reports in the Hands of hundreds of Record Executives. We maintain strategic partnerships with radio station owners, program directors, disc jockeys and Record Executives from many Major and Credible Independent Labels and FCC regulated radio stations worldwide in order to GUARANTEE that your music is not just PLAYED but also HEARD and reviewed by credible Record Executives! We have strong relationships with radio community (Internet, Satellite, College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio). 

Airplay Brokers offers a GUARANTEED airplay service at unbeatable rates. Start getting airplay within the next 48 hours from any of our various station panels! Simply click the "Services"  link in the banner (above) and let us help you start building YOUR radio airplay story and capture the attention of FANS and MAJOR LABELS today!!

Also inquire about our A&R Submissions and Consultations, International Radio AirPlay, Billboard and College Radio AirPlay Campaigns at

Get Heard , Get Charted and Get Discovered